Core Collaborative Leadership Cadre (2022-2023)

Second Friday | Oct-Apr

10-11:30 AM PT | 1-2:30 PM ET


10-11:30 AM PT

1-2:30 PM ET

Activate an inquiry mindset

Explore culturally responsive and sustaining formative assessment with leaders across the country at our monthly leadership cadre Oct-Apr, 10-11:30 AM PT (1-2:30 PM ET).

Activate an inquiry mindset as we unpack the seven core concepts of our “Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Formative Assessment” Framework monthly from our forthcoming book, Amplify Learner Voice through Culturally Responsive Assessment published by Mimi & Todd Press.


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Oct 14

Cultural Identity

Exploring Cultural Identity | Overview 

How does formative assessment support learners in bridging cultural identities with their learner identities?

Nov 18*


Strengthening Asset Based Pedagogies

How can I create conditions for students to draw and build upon their strengths when reflecting and setting goals?

*Scheduled the 3rd week of November due to Veteran's Day.

Dec 9

Dispositional Learning

Learning to Learn: Dispositional Learning

How do I ensure my students transfer the mindsets and habits of learning they develop both in and out of their school experience?

Jan 13

Learning Partnerships

Activating Quality Learning Partnerships

How do I build authentic equal learning partnerships with students and families?


How do learning partnerships create conditions for vulnerability so students take risks?

Feb 10

Clarity and Engagement

Amplifying Clarity and Learner Engagement

How does the assessment experience ensure clarity of academic, social, and emotional competencies? 


How does the assessment design ensure that learners are challenged at all levels of rigor (surface-deep-transfer)?


How does formative assessment engage students personally and collaboratively?

Mar 10


Leveraging Criticality

How can we use questioning, dialogue, and reflection to better understand power, oppression, and equity?

Apr 14

Connecting the Dots

Connect the dots as we close out the 2022-2023 season of Core Collaborative Leadership Inquiry.

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Brave Space Agreements

We believe and uphold the following Brave Space Agreements at the Core Collaborative Leadership Cadre:

  • Anyone who is willing to do the work is welcome
  • Treat everyone with dignity
  • This is a brave space
  • Please be an active listener…Listen to understand
  • Practice empathy
  • Share the “air-time” 
  • Practice patience
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Empower Teacher Agency = Empower Student Agency

The Core Collaborative Learning Network specializes in expanding holistic, learner-centered systems. We do professional coaching and learning for schools, systems, and you. Looking for a partner, you can trust to help you meet and surpass your professional learning goals, connect with us. Professional learning: it's what we do! 


Brian Roy

Executive Director of Learning Partnerships


Sarah Stevens

Executive Director of Quality Implementation

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