The EmpowerED Learner eToolkit

The remote learning solution you hoped for has arrived.

Learn how the EmpowerED Learner eToolkit solves 8 problems of practice.

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The Empowered Learner Toolkit Solves Problems Educators are Facing Daily

Throughout 2020, The Core Collaborative brought over 100 teachers, parents, and principals together to learn about the problems of practice they were experiencing daily with blended and remote teaching and learning. Throughout our conversations, certain problems popped up time and time again, like:

  • Planning for remote and blended instruction takes an extraordinary amount of time.
  • My students, parents, and caregivers are not clear about the expectations.
  • I want a tool that makes differentiation easier.

Formative assessment experts Dr. Paul Bloomberg, Kara Vandas, Starr Sackstein, Issac Wells and Lori Cook set out to tackle these 8 recurring problems, leaning on teacher leaders Danielle Di Capua and Latoya Yakatally for insight.


The Result?

The eToolkit includes a series of synchronous lesson plans to support quality asynchronous deliberate practice. Each kit includes 10-15 companion asynchronous formative tasks that include: learning targets, success criteria, exemplars, blank student assignments, self-assessment surveys, and actionable goal-setting. Students will own their learning through the power of the formative assessment process.